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About USA Colab


We are an alliance of American Made ski and snowboard manufacturers. We believe making skis and snowboards here in the U.S. is important. Not only are we employing thousands of Americans, but our products are handcrafted by people who love skiing, snowboarding, and being outdoors. Who would you rather have making your skis and snowboards?


How did this come about? 
In putting the Made in USA campaign together, we worked hard to recruit every company we could find in the U.S. that make skis and snowboards here. We reached out to 25 different companies, some extremely small and of course the larger ones. The companies you see represented in the campaign are the ones that were willing to sign on, contribute financially, and try to help raise the awareness of the Made in U.S.A. ski and snowboard manufacturing renaissance. We of course realize not every brand is listed here, but it's not for lack of trying. And we respect every company's situation. There was a lot of debate. For example, does the company have to make everything here or a portion of its product here? You can find many points of view. We felt that if a company is making a significant portion of its product here, creating jobs, and growing the amount it produces here, then that makes sense. One of our goals was to raise enough money to have a campaign. We did the best job we could recruiting the USA companies and bringing awareness to this fantastic growing business.